Transformational synthetic fuels

C3 Biotech is a synthetic fuels business that exists to create a more sustainable world.

By transforming waste into high-performance fuels, C3 is working to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and combat the existential threat that comes with climate change.

With ground-breaking science and engineering at its heart, C3 will help industries around the world adopt next generation fuels and transition to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Established in 2015, C3 is the latest breakthrough to be born in Manchester and is spearheaded by a pioneering team with a commitment to positively impact communities across the globe.

Transformational technology

C3 is working to provide hydrocarbon fuels which are sustainable, renewable, and cost-effective. Our pioneering solutions enable global markets to continue using conventional carbon-based fuels through effective carbon management without increasing the net amount of CO₂ emitted into our environment. We’re paving the way for nations to meet net zero carbon targets.

The next-generation fuels are sustainable and made from major industrial wastes including CO₂. They are compatible with existing supply chains as sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.

C3 harnesses biological engineering to achieve this final product. The technology used in our sustainable fuels allow for its creation without the need for highly controlled conditions. This not only makes the fuel accessible, but the integration of biology with chemical and engineering processes enables the manufacture of products at a commercially viable yield.


Find out more about the cutting-edge solutions C3 offers which help pave a greener path to energy creation.

Using emergent technologies, we have been at the forefront of energy innovation in kerosene, hypersonic fuels, acrylics, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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The demand for energy is global. Tackling an international crisis means our products need to be compatible for a wide range of industries including Aviation, Industrials, Space and FMCG.

Using transformational technology, C3 solutions adapt across industries and across nations, catering to the needs of end users.

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Our Transformational Journey

  • Foundational discovery science by Professor Nigel Scrutton at the Manchester Institute of Biotech.
  • Professor Nigel Scrutton and Michael Smith co-founds C3 Biotech, using foundational science to transform waste into synthetic fuels.
  • Secures multiple and successive research contracts with the UK MoD and US DoD worth (2023) in excess of £20m.
  • C3 authors white papers and secures several patents for its manufacturing concepts.
  • The prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize is awarded to the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB), the home of C3 Biotech.
  • C3 invests in corporatisation of the business and starts building a world class team.
  • C3 Biotech scales up with industrial partners, securing a £1 million set of contracts with Manchester Organics, BioProcess Facility (Delft), Otto Simon, Zenito and BGEN.
  • The Royal Air Force successfully use C3 fuels to fly a four-meter drone.
  • C3 initiates pilot plant development in Stockport, North West England with major UK and US funding.