At C3 BIOTECH we recognise the importance of global energy provision and the impact that human activity has on waste accumulation and climate change. We also recognise the increased pressure on global resources, including fresh water and agricultural land.
C3 BIOTECH is radically redesigning biomanufacturing routes that enable biological fuels production and global resource de-stressing. Sustainable production coupled to human waste management is a central tenet of the C3 BIOTECH approach.


Responsible innovation is at the core of C3 BIOTECH’s commercial activities. The demands for energy have had major impact on climate change, societal health and the environment, and are well documented and unsustainable. What is clear is that a petrochemical-dependent economy, and its energy requirements, cannot support the rate at which we consume goods and the demand we place on inexpensive and easily accessible materials. The emergent bioeconomy offers new opportunities.

C3 BIOTECH is innovating responsibly, considering and anticipating the wider implications of its activities, including societal, ethical and commercial. We are committed to commercialising socially desirable technologies undertaken in the public interest. Responsible innovation raises important questions about the purposes and motivations of commercial developments and C3 BIOTECH places at the core of its business an awareness of, and commitment to, the principles of Responsible Innovation to anticipate impacts (beneficial or otherwise) and use these deliberations to guide the company’s pathways to innovation.

C3 BIOTECH - Waste Into High Value Fuel - Benefits - Clean Air


C3 BIOTECH - Responsible Innovation - Benefits - Global Resource De-Stressing


C3 BIOTECH - Responsible Innovation - Benefits - Carbon Recycling


C3 BIOTECH - Responsible Innovation - Benefits - Mitigating Climate Change



At C3 BIOTECH we are re-writing the roadmap to sustainable fuels. By leveraging existing infrastructures but embracing radical bottom-up redesign of the entire biological production system, C3 BIOTECH is re-engineering the production of clean and competitive fuels from biology.


Biological fuels production should be energy efficient, operate independently of fresh water use under open and continuous production conditions. Production infrastructures should be simple and easily automated with low capital investment to compete with chemical processes. The C3 BIOTECH vision is to develop clean technologies to produce competitive drop-in replacement fuels that are sustainable and contribute to the management of global waste resources.


The C3 BIOTECH Executive Management Board is responsible for ensuring that our company is run with the utmost professionalism and meets all the regulatory requirements associated with running our business compliantly.
C3 BIOTECH is committed to meeting the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

Nigel Scrutton FRS Sc.D

Nigel Scrutton FRS Sc.D

Head of Science

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Head of Commercial

Jonathan Dockney

Jonathan Dockney

Head of Compliance

Lionel Clarke OBE

Lionel Clarke OBE

Head of Government Strategy


C3 BIOTECH’s Code of Conduct sets out the company’s specific conduct principles.




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