Transformational leadership guiding world class research

C3 Biotech emerged out of the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology in 2015 by founders Professor Nigel Scrutton FRS and Michael Smith.

They were driven by a vision to create a better world by providing sustainable and innovative solutions to meet the impending energy crisis.

This vision is rooted in foundational science that has emerged from the engineering of biology, but is shaped by the need to urgently establish industrial manufacturing at scale. This idea is at the heart of C3. Building a better world doesn’t mean reimagining what we do but the way we do it – sustainable fuels that clean up the planet and save natural resources is the first step in achieving global net zero goals, whilst tackling the impending energy crisis.

C3 is now positioned to grow its pioneering technology to be catalysts of industrialisation in biomanufacturing.

Our mission

To harness our transformational science and engineering to positively impact communities across the globe.

Our vision

To create a more sustainable and prosperous world through mass adoption of our synthetic fuels

Our team

C3 is run by a pioneering team of scientists supported by commercial veterans with over 200 years combined experience.

Nigel is currently Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), co-founder at C3 and a member of the executive team. In his role as CSO he leads and oversees applied science programmes in both the chemistry and biology areas. Nigel is a critical member of the C3 delivery team and at an executive level contributes to the forward vision and development of the Company.

Nigel is a Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at The University of Manchester, Director of the UK Future Biomanufacturing Research Hub, and Fellow of the Royal Society. He is the former Director of the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB) (2010-2019), which was recognised by the award of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education (2018-20) as ‘a leader in the UK’s strategic development of biotechnology and bio-manufacturing, through innovative technologies in partnerships with industry’.

Helen is the Principal Scientist within C3 and has over two decades of experience in biochemical research. She holds a PhD in biochemistry, with the last 10 years of her research focussing on the application of synthetic biology for the production of advanced synthetic fuels and monoterpenoid biochemicals.

Her current role focuses on the development of C3’s pilot scale fermentation facility and project management of ongoing lab-based innovation and development studies.

Alex is a Senior Scientist for C3 and is involved with fermentation research and development.

He has experience in small vessel and anaerobic gas fermentation, and the use of continuous fermentation as a means of directing evolution. He also has experience in various genetic modification techniques and type I toxin antitoxin based counter selection systems.

He has previously worked with international teams of researchers, most notably on the ERA CoBioTech BIOMETCHEM