Solving global challenges

C3 Biotech is constantly researching to create innovative solutions to the increasing global demand for energy.

We are transforming the sustainability and performance of global industries. Responsible innovation is at the core of C3’s commercial activities. The demands for energy have had a major impact on the globe, and an economy reliant on fossil fuels cannot support global demands for energy. C3’s use of emergent biotechnology provides a new solution and a wide range of opportunities that can truly transform global industries.


A cleaner, drop-in sustainable aviation fuel that can be manufactured on-site, allowing for a streamlined switch from fossil-based fuels to C3’s greener alternatives.


Cost-effective, net-zero hypersonic fuels to power rockets and exploration.


Fuelling manufacturing through a cleaner LPG made from waste or captured CO₂ on-site and creating acrylics directly from waste. Leveraging waste streams to our advantage, we apply its biotechnology to create fuel whilst solving waste management issues.


Circular manufacturing processes by using waste or captured CO₂ to create a cleaner LPG on-site.